Photography by Daniel | green screen info

What is a Green Screen Studio?

A Green Screen photo studio uses the instant and affordable green screen cut out technology to make a fun and interactive photo/video experience for people of all ages.

Why use a Green Screen at your next event?

It’s a FUN and affordable experience, that people of all ages want to engage and interact with. Offer someone the chance of having their photo taken in a fun and new way and they are unlikely to say no.

The green screen experience allows kids, families and adults to create a memory. Its unique, where and how else will you be able to create this type of special effects imagery. They also get a unique and highly original photo to take home and even a digital copy to use on their Facebook profile. 

How it works

We quite simply set up a green screen and photograph people, the photo is then instantly fed in to the computer where the people are cut out and placed on a new backdrop as illustrated below

Online Gallery

We also have the ability to have your photos published directly to an  online Gallery. We offer FREE publishing of all event photos to our Facebook/ gallery so all your guests can enjoy and download the photos for free after the event.


What type of event we cover

  1. - Retail events
  2. - Shopping centre marketing and branding campaigns
  3. - Launch events
  4. - Corporate parties and events
  5. - New development property sales (putting people in new surroundings)
  6. - Birthday parties
  7. - Weddings
  8. - Kids Parties (we have special backdrops for this)
  9. - Travel and Tourism event
  10. - Ski and extreme sports events
  11. - Video Game Events
  12. - Fashion Events
  13. - Year around holiday events
  14. - New Year’s Eve party